Essential Term Paper Parts

Essential Term Paper Parts

There are certain essential parts of a term paper that every student must be aware of before he/she writes one. If any of these essential parts of the term paper is missing that means you can easily loose points affecting overall grade of your course. Writing a good term paper does not only require coming up with an interesting topic these essential parts are equally important to contribute to a good grade. This article will help you learn these essential parts of a term paper and use them effectively. Read below to learn about the essential parts of a term paper.

Term Paper Introduction

This is an important part of a term paper as this is where the reader starts your term paper from. It has to be catchy and appealing. You must write it in a way as to compel the reader to read your entire term paper. It introduces the topic and all the key points to be discussed in the body part. Do not provide any lengthy arguments and facts in this part of a term paper. Just introduce your topic and write the thesis statement at the end of the paragraph.


This is the part where you discuss the key points you introduced in the introductory paragraph. You have to support your thesis statement with examples and evidence. Do not write anything irrelevant. Be precise and direct.

Term Paper Conclusion

This is where you wrap up your term paper. You can briefly summarize the key ideas discussed in the main body. Make sure to not to do this in more than two to three sentences. Come up with your personal opinions and suggestions to resolve the problem posed by the question. Restate the thesis statement as a reminder to the reader about the main focus of the term paper.

Using Citations

This is very important to avoid being charged of coincidental plagiarism. Make sure to cite every source you use according to the specified format. Write a reference page separately where you write down the names of the authors in an alphabetical order and the year the work was published.

Do not miss any of these parts of a term paper to avoid inconvenience.

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