How to Write a Term Paper Cover Sheet?

How to Write a Term Paper Cover Sheet?

The cover sheet of a term paper is a very important component as it allows your teacher to grade your assignment and write remarks. It also allows your instructor identify that the assignment is done by you and not someone else. At times your instructor can demand more than one cover sheets depending on the instructor but the very basic cover sheet of a term paper consists of just one page. In this article you will learn to write a cover sheet of a term paper. Read some basic tips to write cover sheet of a term paper.

Term Paper Margins

Before you begin to write make sure your cursor is around 1/3rd down the page to begin to write. Usually the margin is 2 1/3rd or 3 1/3rd from the top.


Make sure the cursor is in the center of the page. Now write the title of your term paper in the middle and press ‘Enter’ key. Make sure you do not write on the same line.


Now you are on the next line, type your name below the title and press Enter key. You can write the word ‘by’ just before your name if you want but it’s entirely your choice as it is optional. Most of the instructors do not require it so you can just write your name.

Other Details

Write down the date of submission, your instructor’s name, paper number and if possible the name of your class. Only do it if your instructor requires.

The title page of a term paper is indeed necessary as you may have seen in this article that it consists of important details about you and your term paper.

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